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Hi Everybody,

I am convinced, our songs can help you to learn many cool things. May it be history, languages, geography, and much more.

But since you will not take my word for it  (which is good, I´m a stranger!), we will give you some songs for free!

If you listen to these songs, the topic that you want to learn is being catered to you! You are mobile (unlike when you read, watch a tutorial or sit in a classroom) and you only need your ears (unlike all the things mentioned before). In the best case, you will like the song and therefore listen to it more than one time and by that, internalize the topic.

Have Fun with the songs, and more than that I wish you: success!

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Categories: History, General Knowledge

The Pilgrims

Listen to this cool Song and get in the know! (click icon)

Questions: what was the Indian´s name, that helped the settlers?

What was the name of the ship ?

How many days took the trip from England to the new world?

Did it work?


Categories: Immigration´s, History, Politics, Government

Civics Test for Naturalization Questions 26-37

Listen to the – Civics Songs and get ready for the Immigration’s test (civics test for naturalization) or just increase your general knowledge about the USA.

Thanks to these Songs I was able to pass the online civics test with 100% (not exaggerating!!!), I got 20 Questions from a catalog of 100 right and sometimes I sang the answer in my head while I checked the right box!  I hope many people can benefit from these Songs!

This is one song of a whole series of songs that teach the 100 Q&A´s that are possibly asked at the civics test. (click icon)



Category: Languages -> French

French iLearn Tourist Phrases

This is one of our language teaching songs, there are more songs in our library and maaany more language songs to come 😉

Check out this free song (and others) from our YouTube Channel.


Category: General Knowledge

General Knowledge 5

A song that teaches you general knowledge. It´s a very nice song that will increase your GK as a side effect and it is also part of a growing series that you have full access to, when you subscribe. (click icon)


Categories: Economy, Companies, Interview Preparation

General Motors Company Facts

The perfect Song for Applicants to GM ! With this song you will be Interview-ready!

GM is one of the USA´s biggest employer. Wanna know more? What are you waiting for?!  (click icon)


There are many more songs and categories in our Library. is brand new and we are working daily on getting more songs, on winning new musicians to participate and to get better  😉

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