How to become ..

…a artist (a singing teacher) ?

Simply sign up and upload your Educational Song – A song that teaches a topic that is relevant to students!

The Song has to be/have:

  • neutral (explain the topic without personal opinion)
  • clear and clean (no cursing) language
  • 3+ minutes long
  • verses and catchy chorus, optional a bridge – just like radio music!
  • correct information (use many sources)
  • nice, wonderful, awesome!

What topics are possible?

Songs that explain historic events or figures, general knowledge, politics, government, languages, geography, anatomy, economy and science. Everything that is “learn-worthy” is possible! To get a better idea, check out our library and the songs there are already!

What else?

Research is very important and the big particularity in writing songs that teach!

And...what else?

Use your creativety and artistic freedom, we can wait to listen to your song!


Don´t violate copyrights! only use your own lyrics and instrumentals, our instrumentals or lyrics and instrumentals you hold the rights off!

Summary / procedure

Research -> Write/Compose -> Record – Send your Song to us!

Your benefits

Benefit #1

You become part of something new and awesome! The first place in the net where students and musicians come together, where educational music is created and shared!

Benefit #2

You become a worldwide singing teacher! with that comes acknowledgement, appreciation, respect and great meaning!

Benefit #3

You’ll receive royalties! 

Benefit #4

If your songs are great you and your songs will be promoted by