Our story


By Mike Abbo

How it all started

Some years ago, I memorized three chapters of the bible (the sermon of the mount, Matthew 5-7). Two chapters I memorized the “normal” way, one chapter I memorized as a song. In this song I didn’t change a word. This song you can also find in the library or here.

One year later, the two chapters I memorized the normal way, where out of my memory, but the song I know by heart up to this day.

This is, when singmytext.com was also invented. Not born yet, but invented. Why? Because I realized, that a text sung can be memorized and more than that, it can be internalized. I was sure, that every text could be sung and wanted to offer a platform that offers exactly that. Send in your text, we´ll sing it, you´ll internalize it.

But the idea evolved, because making a song out of a text without changes is A.) not a handiwork every musician knows and B.) a restriction of artistic freedom.

Next step

After recording some 10 or 20 true to the text songs it became boring to me and I really didn’t crave to hear them. But the desire is important, because only then will you listen to a song more often and by that learn the content.

The musician in me wanted to create songs! So I started to create songs structured as those you know from the radio (or YouTube). A song with verses, refrains and bridges and to my surprise, rap works very well because of the narrative character!

I started to create many songs that teach trivial or general knowledge and thanks to that, MY general knowledge increased a lot in the last 2 years (not bragging, just saying!).

Just recently a guy talked about the nostalgic Polaroid camera and I said: “Edwin Land! (the inventor) Edwin Land invented it!” Of course that was totally nerdy, but hey, blame the song that taught me that. It´s funny that we memorize the nonsense of artists, just because it sounds so cool and we could use these capacities for useful information. Maybe this particular information of Mr. Land being the Inventor of the Polaroid Camera is not necessarily an important information, but there are other examples.

One could argue, that when you listen to a song in your free time, you want it to be easy and break away from every days tasks like education, but I can assure YOU, at no point was one of the Singmytext.com educational songs a burden to me. It was a nice side effect, that information got stuck and more than that, when I listened to a song with the purpose of learning a topic, it was more fun, than all other ways of learning.

I´m drifting away from my original goal of publishing my personal studies, sorry for that!

Does the Singmytext.com – Concept work?

Yes it does, i hold the proof! I, Mike, no genius at all, was able to learn and memorize many things. It is unbelievable and I am super surprised by the effects. If I wasn’t i´d be wasting my time and money by creating this Website.

What did I learn?

If I tell you, that I memorized all basic metals and actinides of the periodic table of elements, you would probably say: “OK, cool, but what do you need it for” and I would have to say “you are right, I don´t need this info” BUT: it is possible to learn it, and if you are a student and need to memorize this, this is a totally nice and stress free way of doing it.

Thanks to the songs of the category “General Knowledge” my GK increased by a lot.

When you have a broad knowledge, people tend to think that you know a lot because you probably read a lot. In reality, you only need to listen to (this type of) music a lot.

I learned 30 digits of the Number PI, some phrases in Chinese (where is the restroom!), the 10 highest mountains, the 12 cranial nerves, how the heart works, the 50 states of the USA. I passed the online immigration test (here) with 100 % (20 right answers out of 20 questions) and once with 90 %.


In my personnel studies, learning, memorizing and internalizing information with the help of educational music works. It works very well and more than that, it is a lot of fun.

It is practical, because it uses only one of our five senses, which is hearing. Most other methods use at least two senses, such as seeing & hearing which means, that it binds you to a location and consumes all of your attention. A song can be listened to at the side. Due to its length (and the fact that it is a song!) it can be played often and by that teach you the topic.

When Education and Entertainment becomes one, this must be a great story of success.

~ Mike Abbo, Founder of Singmytext.com