Q. What is singmytext .com?
A. Singmytext.com is a growing online library of educational music for students of all ages and musicians of all genres.
Q. What is the purpose of singmytext.com?
A. The purpose of singmytext.com is to offer a fun way of learning anything with music.
Q. Like the ABC-Songs for Children?
A. no and yes! But instead of simple baby-music, our songs sound like out of the radio! Catchy, artsy music, that you like to listen to over and over again and by that learning the topics. Not only simple subjects, but in all areas of knowledge.
Q. So, like radio music?
A. Yes! With the difference that our lyrics make you smarter, not dumber and that our language is clean. Other than that, just like radio music!
Q. What is your goal?
A. We believe that our songs are a wonderful addition to the existing ways of learning (reading, attending classes, watching video tutorials). Our vision is, that one day you will be able to find a song about every relevant learning topic in our library. This is going to happen!
Q. How do students benefit from Singmytext.com?
A. Students can use singmytext.com as an additional learning tool. From now on, you can even learn, while you are driving or working out. Other students listen to music to get a break, our students even learn a lot of things in their break! The best thing about it is, that it is fun! 
Q. What should a I do in case I cannot find a song about the topic I am looking for?
A. As a member, you can request a song. In the website there is a place where you can request new songs about the topics of your interest. That is one reason why you should become a member today! 
Q. I don´t like the song about a topic of my interest!
A. As a member, you can request a new song about the same topic, giving your ideas about what could be better (content, the singer, the genre). If you are a musician and you like to make your song about an existing topic, feel free to do so! The more variety, the better!.
Q. How do musicians benefit?
A. Musicians can upload their educational songs and benefit from royalties of single purchased songs and subscriptions. While other musicians want to get immortal through their art, a Singmytext-musician becomes immortal as a worldwide singing teacher. Producing cool music that teaches millions, if that isn’t art, what is then?
Q. I'm a singer and songwriter, but I have no instrumentals!
A. We thought of you! We also want you and we want to make it easy for you. Just use our instrumentals in the musician’s area (sign up!)
A. Yes, there are different patterns! To understand the different patterns for language teaching songs, trivia songs or songs that teach about historic events for example, listen to the songs of the author Mike Abbo. Understanding “our way” can be helpful for you as a songwriter!  
Q. Who else benefits?
A. Parents! We solve two major problems of parents. 1) You don’t like the music your kids listen to and 2) You dislike, that they don´t like to do their homework. Your kids will love our music and by that learn whatever the topic is! People who suffer from vision loss will also love our solution! 
Q. Some things are not working on your page / some functions could be better! When will you fix the issues?
A. We just got started and we are at the beginning. Feel honored, you are witnessing this! But we are looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. Please let us know if you have problems with our page. We would love to read your suggestions and ideas!
Q. Is it really possible to teach about everything in songs?
A. Very good question! Honest answer: we don´t know! A lot is possible, maybe more than we know… surprise us with your ideas (members) and your songs (musicians)! Right now, we believe that Singmytext.com offers a wonderful additional tool for learning.
Q. Can you make a song about..?
A. Possibly! That is a reason why we call our self Singmytext.com! As a member you can give your song into order. The more info you provide and the more relevant your topic is, the better the chances that one of our musicians will pick your request and make it a song. Become a member today and be a part of Singmytext.com
Q. Why didn’t singmytext.com accept my song?
A. Please read more about the requirements of our songs in the musician’s area and also watch our tutorials. But we usually send an email with comments about the songs that were not yet accepted. Let us know please in case you have not received it.
Q. I know someone who also wrote/produced a song that teaches something. What should he/she do in order to submit his/her songs?
A. Please refer him/her to our page and tell him/her about us! He/She can create his/her own account in our page.
Q. Why is Singmytext .com not free?
A. Because of our costs and because we want to pay our teachers, the musicians.
Q: Once I upload my song, will it directly be included in the library?
A. No. The songs must be submitted for revision first in order to guarantee quality, consistency with the concept of Singmytext.com. The musician will receive an answer whether his song is approved, if it needs revision or if it is rejected.
Q. What type of contract?
A. Singmytext.com will distribute the songs similarly to the system that Amazon uses with e-books that individual writers upload to the Amazon’s website. The artist must guarantee that he owns the rights and that he is not bound to any other company.
Q. When will the payment take place?
A. Up to 60 days after SMT has received the payment from the client.
Q. The Idea of Singmytext.com is so cool! Everybody should know about it!
A. That´s right! Please tell everybody and refer us to your friends, teachers, college radio stations, musicians, etc.