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These are the advantages of


For Students:

With our educational songs it will be possible to enjoy music and learn while you are driving, jogging, working out, etc. Our songs only need one of your five senses, which is the hearing – this keeps you mobile, it does not bind you to the desk, laptop, class room or the like.

For Teacher:

Many of you devoted teachers who are always open for new teaching ideas and a variety in teaching tools will find exactly this in our educational songs. They are good for the class room, but also great for homework. This will make you a fun teacher and it will keep your students interested.

For Parents:

Our educational songs solve two problems known to every parent:

  1. you don´t like the kind of music your kids listen to (foul language, questionable lyrics and principles, etc.)
  2. your kids don´t exactly love their homework, but want to be entertained 24/7

Singmytext brings together entertainment and education. Your kids will love our educational song and they will make them (and you!) smarter. A great gift idea, since it is fun and super beneficial!

For Musicians:

When you create educational music, you will be valued by your talents and not by the best marketing. People will listen to your song because they are interested in your topic. If the song is great, they might become your fans. Your songs will teach unlimited students and the songs will stay relevant for ever, even when you are long gone. It´s a great heritage to your kids, they can learn from your songs one day. If you start soon, you will have many free topics to pick from.


It will not take long, until a big player will produce the first educational song for Singmytext, we already received a lot of crazy feedback. The stars also have kids and our platform will give them the opportunity, to create something meaningful. They will become singing teachers and add to their legacy by doing so.


Invest your money in Singmytext and invest in a wonderful new form of education. Become part of the new Encyclopedia of educational Music. The Wikipedia of Music.

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