Instagram, Investment & interesting!

Hi folks!

the story of Singmytext continues!

What happened in the last weeks?

We received new songs but more important:

we won new talented artists!


from left to right: Deli Rowe, Leslie Caron & Mariella Venero


We created an Instagram account where you can find quotes and previews of our songs

Here are some pictures & quotes from our Instagram account:

all pictures created by the wonderful Angie Suberu 


We created a new sub menu called previews, check it out 😉


A friend of ours who is also a huge fan of this project said to us:

“I want to donate some money, so you can buy more songs”

…which lead to the following idea and it´s realization:

(for more info click icon)

Musicians have many costs (equipment, classes, etc.), that´s why we pay musicians, either money upfront or royalties. That is the reason why we depend on donations and even better: SUBSCRIPTIONS! For the money you spend you get radio-like educational music and at the same time help to make Singmytext grow!


Our ambitious goal is, to make Singmytext become…

This is why we are actively looking for Investors to bring to the next level!

If you happen to be one, or know one… let us know!

Other Internet start-ups might not give away as much information as we do, but they are… other start-ups!

We like to let you know about the progress… because we would love to make you part of Singmytext in some way…

as a client, a musician, a supporter or a even partner ?! 


We will present Singmytext on October 1 – 3 @ HYVECAMP in Berlin

and will keep you updated.


Talking about Investors and Investments, we let you go with a Bitcoin!

…i mean, a song about it! One Bitcoin can pay for 100 songs by the way 😉


Here is the preview of a song about the Bitcoin by our wonderful new singing teacher

Mariella Venero

Till soon!


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