+++ Update June 2017 +++

+++ Update June 2017 +++

Hi Everybody!

Singmytext.com is brand new and we are really exited about everything that is happening at the moment!

What happened in the month of June?

A lot!

We hit the mark of 100 Songs!

We won new fabulous musicians like Kafeeno and Antonia Fountain,


please check out their songs!

We found new solutions for our website, thanks to our awesome developer!

We finally founded the company and finished the business plan.

I received business cards and they just look great! What do you think?


I ordered some shirts for the Singmytext staff, and they also look really cool.

New songs (among others) uploaded in June are:

Quotes of Saint Augustine of Hippo
Famous Sayings and their meaning and origin
History, Politics & Government – Songs

There were new song requests submitted! Do you have song requests too?

Right now we are producing a Video that will call out to musicians, inviting them to participate and help our library of sung wisdom to grow! We expect the video to arrive within the next days. We hired a wonderful actor for this job!

Once we have the video we will start our first campaign.

We get a lot of great feedback from people all the time and that really motivates all of us!

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook!

Oh…and sign up, submit songs, tell your friends & eat some cake!

Truly Yours


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