A song with too little information

We hold many wonderful songs that teach all kinds of topics and quality is very important to us.

Never the less, as we are growing and inviting other musicians to participate, we sometimes receive songs, that:

  • sound great and teach little
  • sound so so, teach a lot

…and the question arises how to deal with these songs.

We decided to keep them if they match the criteria for two reasons!

  1. The song is so so – it will always be a question of taste!
  2. The song doesn’t teach enough – make or request a song about the same topic, why not have more songs?

You can also leave your helpful commentaries at the songs site, especially when they hold outdated or wrong information.

Singmytext.com is brand new, you can help us to get better!

Submit song requests, create songs, contact us.



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