Why every musician who is a parent should become part of Singmytext.com

If you are a musician that creates own songs (alone or with a band or friends), and you have children, you should really consider becoming part of Singmytext.com. We offer the coolest way of learning there is, learning with music. Our teachers are musicians like you, that like the idea of creating songs that teach topics to other people. Songs that are built like radio songs and sound like radio songs!

With the difference, that the lyrics teach historic events, about historic figures, languages, mathematics, politics, etc. Topics that are learn worthy! Our songs make people smarter.

All of the sudden it becomes fun having to drive long distances, because this educational music is just awesome to listen to. You learn while you are on the go!

Why write another song about love, party or anger? Why not create something really meaningful, useful & wonderful?

Your learn-song that other people REALLY can benefit from. Songs, that your children will benefit from (now or later).

On this website, you will be valued by your talent and not by the best marketing campaign.

People will listen to your song because of the topic, and if the artist does a great job, people will check out your other topics, your other songs.

Beside receiving appreciation by many students, you will also get paid royalties for the sold songs (single purchases and subscriptions). You will become a teacher in somebody´s life!

Our idea is 100 (one hundred) percent positive, and we are very proud of it!

Please sign up today (for free of course!) and start creating your first unique educational song!

Also read our articles on how to become a singing teacher and about creating the perfect educational song. (How to become a Singmytext.com artist, song requirements, the checklist & the tutorials)

Check out the free songs to get an idea.

We welcome you and we really can´t wait to hear from you.

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