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Dear Parents, dear Teachers,

we from truly believe, that we have a wonderful additional tool for learners! Our educational songs!

We believe, that combining education and entertainment works and that it works very well! A student that enjoys the process of learning is more likely to understand and fully grasp it and isn’t exactly that the dream of every parent and devoted teacher?!

Please take a few minutes and visit our website, browse through our treasure box – the library of educational song, read our articles and get to know us and our vision!

If you are disappointed by not finding the song that teaches the topic of your interest, don´t be! For that purpose, we set up a form where you can request songs!

Our musicians will see your request, do the necessary research, write & record the song and upload it to our growing library. Or even better… you could make this a project for your student(s)!

They will have to do the research (and by that understand and become a true master of the related topic), write the songs lyrics (by that make a summary!), compose and create the music, and finally sing and record the song.

It is music, it is art – it is beautiful!

We hope we could win you interest and that you and your students will benefit from

If you have any questions or suggestions, don´t hesitate and contact us!

We´d love to hear from you 🙂

Mike from


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