Dear Teachers…

Dear Teachers,

if you are always looking for new ways and new teaching tools, might be interesting for you!

Not only do we offer educational songs, but also we invite you to request songs about the topics you need/teach!

We have songs that tell historic events for your history class, songs that teach languages, geography, chemistry, etc.

Right now we have a few songs in nearly every category to give you and the musicians an idea of what is possible. Yes this site is also addressing musicians and inviting them to participate, so it could also be a project for your music class.

The most wonderful aspect of is, that our way of educating is entertaining. Isn’t that the question of nearly every parent and devoted teacher: how can i awaken the interest of my kids/student? 

The interest awakes when fun is involved. The fun we offer is time spend wisely not time lost!

Our songs don´t sound like somebody is teaching and that maybe is key to acceptance into a students free time.

We do not claim, that you only need to learn, but we offer an effective additional Tool for learning!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Other than that, we hope that you will like our site and most importantly, that it will be of use for you!

Truly yours

Mike –

PS: we also have a cool song that explain what is all about, you find it here

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