Song Requirements

Hi Musicians!

If you want to become a singing teacher and sell your songs on our webpage, there are some requirements, and they have to do exclusively with your music.

We only distribute clean music.

The songs have to be of good quality (sound, vocals, instrumentals) and the verses have to be clear. A triple-time rap may sound cool, but it doesn’t help the student if he can´t understand your acrobatics.

The song has to be equally nice and educational (do a good research). Since “nice” is subject to personal taste, we set up with the SMT-committee. If we decline a song, we will always tell you why, give you hints and try to help you to get your song accepted.

The second committee are our customers! If there are many commentaries related to your song, that suggest that the content of your song is wrong or that your song is terrible, we might have to ask you to do the necessary changes.

The songs are special, because they don´t sound like a teacher is talking to you, but a musician. Our songs sound like out of the radio and it is our goal to have them in the radio one day. A good song has verses, a catchy hook, maybe a bridge, maybe intro and outro. That is what your song ideally looks/sounds like.

We don´t want the hurdles to be too high, but we want quality and we hope and believe, that our requirements make sense 😉

Good success with your educational songs!

Mike –

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